A new dawn for Maya Memory

mayablog2Even though there has not been much activity lately, hard work has been going on under the hood, to get Maya Memory to the next level. Maya Memory was presented in the Rotary Start Up Challenge last week and the judges were impressed enough to send us to the semifinals.

What a ride it has been, the decision to pitch our game came behind the corner. We were asked if we are coming to pitch at our local pitching competition. It was a tough decision but we decided let’s go and see where it can get us. There were 6 teams and only two of the teams were sent to the national semifinals in the Rotary Start Up Challenge. When we heard that we are going to the next phase we were really exited.

When the dust had settled we waited for the results from the semifinals it felt like the longest days of our lives. Then an email came in and the results where here! They had faith in us and sent us all the way to the finals.

What does the future hold for us? One thing that is certain is that Maya Memory is coming to Android and iOS. So stay tuned for more news soon!


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