Powered by Qt Quick

Maya Memory powered by Qt QuickMaya Memory started out as a free time project. In fact the whole game was developed during our free time. Anyone that has played Maya Memory, might have noticed the fluid animations in the menus and during gameplay. These are entirely developed using Qt Quick.

Qt Quick is an application development framework that is part of the Qt framework. Qt Quick allows the developer to create fluid user interfaces (UI) in a very small amount of time.  By using Qt Quick as our main development framework for Maya Memory we were able to create a prototype of the UI within only a few hours development, and that is including fluid animations. In Qt Quick animations are very easy to set up can be tweaked simply by changing some parameters. In our case the UI designer could independently go into the code to setup and tweak animations, without the help of the programmer.

After the first three days we had a fully working memory game including basic graphics and animations. Since implementation of graphics and animations are so quick and easy in Qt Quick, we could spend much more time on actual drawing and designing of the graphics, in order to create a fully authentic game experience.

We are very happy to see that the development of Qt continues with Digia and we are also looking forward to trying out Maya memory on the new Meego phone that Jolla will reveal later this year.


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